Dark & Desperate Times


Dark & Desperate Times is a collection of songs from an especially dark period.  The sequencing of these tracks was particularly difficult as there isn’t a whole lot of happiness in any of these songs, so rather than one long depressing album they were  split into two EPs to separate the slightly more upbeat songs from the downright morbid ones and to give your ears a break in between.

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  1. Dark & Desperate Times
  2. Darling Take the Next Train Home
  3. A Song for Bea
  4. Troubadour
  5. Country Queen


  1. Pass it On
  2. Winter
  3. Fly Home
  4. When Love Shone Down on Me
  5. Empty & Blue

You can watch some videos from the Dark & Desperate Times EPs below:

The official video for Winter

The official video for Dark & Desperate Times