Live at Pascal’s with the Q&C

An intimate live session from 2010.  This is the sound of one man alone in a room with a guitar.  I tried adding crowd noise and attempting to make this into a ‘live’ album but it never felt right.  I also tried to hack out all of the inane chatter and bits between songs but in the end I decided to just leave it exactly as it was that night. This was recorded during a pretty sombre time, which is reflected in the mood of the recording and choice of songs.

Originally recorded for posterity with no plans for an official release, this warts and all performance features originals and a selection of covers.

Click here to download Live at Pascals
  1. Hello in There (John Prine)
  2. Empty Chairs (Don McLean)
  3. Baby April
  4. Broken Lessons
  5. Winter
  6. Hauling
  7. Cold Blue Sky
  8. Riverboat
  9. Raindrops
  10. Cocaine (Traditional)
  11. Kathleen (Townes Van Zandt)
  12. Burn
  13. Fly Home

You can watch the album trailer below: