This Beak is Broke

This Beak is Broke FINAL

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This Beak is Broke is the first new album recorded under the ‘The Quaint & the Curious’ monicker (all other releases have been archival recordings).

The album tells a story about a journey.  A story about change.  It’s a story about what happens when someone questions your worldview and you find it’s built on a foundation of straw.  It’s a story about leaving behind everything you thought was good and true and searching for something different.  It’s a story about asking big questions and finding bigger answers, and then even bigger questions.  It’s a story about losing one voice and hearing another.

It’s been an intensely personal journey, and one which won’t necessarily be completely clear to the listener, but this album is made up of the songs that appeared along the way.  Most of them were written in England, at my desk at work, in the year before leaving for Canada.  It’s taken roughly three years for me to record these songs but the actual studio time was less than 48 hours in total.

I’m proud, and relieved, to finally release this album.

  1. This Bird Has Flown
  2. One Eye on Heaven (One Eye on Home)
  3. I Don’t Want to Play This Old Game
  4. If It Hadn’t Been For You
  5. Digitally Lonely
  6. Beggar Hoboken
  7. Don’t Check Your Science (At the Door of Your Church)
  8. Nobody Knows it But Me
  9. How It All Ends (The Great and Terrible Day)
  10. It Is Well With My Soul